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ChatBot and LiveAgent

Drastically lower your business' operating cost with the help of ChatOverFlow's chatbot/liveagent. It doesn't matter if you are running online or offline business, or if you are a sole proprietor or an Llc, ChatOverflow got a great chatbot/liveagent solution that would significantly reduce your cost, increase your revenue, and improve customer relationship. Focus on your core business and let ChatOverflow handle your chatbot and liveagent helpdesk! Start your trial today. Trial period is currently two months, so do not wait, sign up today and give your business the big boost it deserves!


Plan Price Subscribe
1 month $5.00

1 chatbot

No branding

*Other Restrictions apply

Post-conversation feedback rating


Plan Price Subscribe
1 month $25.99
3 months $70.99
6 months $145.99

5 chatbots


Unlimited live agents

Post-conversation feedback rating


Plan Price Subscribe
1 month $55.99
3 months $160.99
6 months $320.99

10 chatbots


Unlimited live agents

Post-conversation feedback rating


Plan Price Subscribe
1 month $75.99
3 months $220.99
6 months $440.99

15 chatbots


Unlimited live agents

Post-conversation feedback rating

Why ChatOverflow's Chatbot and LiveAgent?


Our Chatbot is custom-built just for your business. ChatOverflow is very lighweight and is hosted on a custom subdomain for you and is embeddable anywhere on the internet.


ChatOverflow is built by a team of professional with many years of experience in artificial intelligence and instant messaging! Get support from standby team of dedicated and committed professionals with years of experience.


ChatOverflow is built on cutting-edge tech stack and frameworks! Set up your liveagent and chatbot on technology you can trust. Our team is equipped with diverse skillset in both frontend and backend tech stack.

Discover what sets ChatOverflow apart from others. It is not just a chatbot, but also a liveagent all carefully wrapped in one. Each of your chatbot comes with its own set of liveagents that you will be creating with their own credentials. It includes a seamless integration and transition between your chatbot and liveagents. Manage your chatbots, liveagents, messages all in one portal. No setup required! No coding required! No Downloads!


Create your chatbot and access from custom subdomain hosted by us. Use proven NLP to train your chatbot model for smarter responses to your customer/client's enquiries and questions. Chatoverflow comes with pre-built model for your chatbot. You may then add additional categories and answers and your model will be automatically retrained for even smarter responses.


In any case where your chatbot is unable to answer your customer/client's questions, your chatbot automatically transfers the client to any available liveagent. Each of your chatbots has its own designated liveagents. This allows you to create chatbots per niche or department of your organization. For example you can have one chatbot/liveagents for HR and another for finance etc.


ChatOverflow comes with post-conversation feedback rating for both your chatbot and liveagents. All posted feedback is available for your review in the dashboard. The feedback loop allows you to see how your liveagents and chatbots are doing.


Customize your chatbots and liveagent user interface with your logo and colors to retain your brand.


Easily manage your chatbots and liveagents from the dashbboard. No hidden fees and no shenanigans! You can easily setup your chatbots from the dashboard. However, if you do require assistance, we may charge you a one-time setup fee.


We provide 24/7 support and are constantly improving ChatOverflow for even more awesome experience for you and your users.

Mobile Chatbot/LiveAgent
We also have our Android and IOS ChatOverFlow mobile application available for download. Instantly connect with your clients/customers via your mobile phone, and never miss any business opportunity or sales lead ever again. Your liveagents can connect with your customers/clients on-the-go!


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